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Multiple PhD and Postdoc positions are available in the group led by Dr. Yuanyue Liu, who will join University of Texas-Austin this Fall as an assistant professor in Materials Science and Engineering.

The group will focus on materials theory and simulations (e.g. DFT, force field) for electronics, optoelectronics, and energy applications. More information can be found at We are particularly interested in candidates with experience in 2D/topological materials.

Applicants for postdoc position must have experience in topological materials or electronic/thermal transport simulations. Interested candidates please send their CV to, with the email title "current institute + xxx + earliest available date", where xxx = topological materials/electronic transport/thermal transport (at least one).

Applicants for PhD position please submit the application through . The expected starting date is Spring or Fall 2018. Please watch out the deadlines listed in the link.

We also welcome visiting students and scholars who have background in materials theory and simulations. Interested candidates please email your CV to with the email title "current institute + funding source"

UT-Austin is ranked 9th "Best Engineering Graduate School" in US, and 30th "Best Global University" according to U.S. News & World Report. The city of Austin has a cluster of high-tech companies known as "Silicon Hills". The combination of cultural diversity, low cost of living, and economic growth makes Austin one of the best places for study and living.